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Proven by thousands of students around the globe from recreational to Olympic riders.


“Ever since I was turned towards Harmony Horsemanship I have felt like I finally found my place. I love the approach it has with the horses and the connection I have built with my mare. Thank you Lindsey!! It honestly touches me so much.”

Kayla Clayton

Free Guide to Harmony

  • Elevate Your Partnership: expert tips for a stronger bond.
  • Three Concise Videos: Quick, easy, and free.
  • Valuable Insights: Access practical wisdom from a proven professional.
  • User-Friendly Format: easy to navigate, instant access.
  • All Experience Levels: beginners to advanced riders this enhances horsemanship skills.
  • BONUS: free masterclass on 4 Reasons your Horse Says No, and How to Help them say Yes.

Mini Course Bundle

Embark on a transformative journey, designed to deepen your connection with your horse and elevate your horsemanship skills.
  • Passive Leadership: the what, why, and how 
  • Creating a Yes Horse
  • Despooking your Horse

7 Days to a Better Partnership with Your Horse

  • 4 Groundwork calm connection exercises, and simplified tips for riding, starting liberty, and building confidence. 
  • Shorter, simplified, with new videos over 7 days.
  • Lifetime access.

Balanced Horse and Rider

  • 9 Weeks of Expert-Guided Exercises
  • Unlimited Access to Comprehensive Videos
  • Transform Your Riding Skills
  • Improve your horse’s topline, symmetry and long term soundness along with your own balance and harmony with your horse

Fundamental Learning through Mini-Courses

  • Discover key topics from Harmony Horsemanship that create amazing improvements with your horse.
  • Unlocking the magic of Harmony Horsemanship starts with these fundamental topics.
  • Recommended to complete in order.


#1: The What, Why & How to Passive Leadership

  • Drastically improve your partnership with your horse using passive leadership.
  • Lifetime access.


Creating a Yes Horse

  • Improve your horse’s willingness to try and learn.
  • Lifetime access.


Despook Your Horse

  • Build your horse’s confidence with these proven exercises and tips.
  • Lifetime access.

Discover the Core Exercises of Harmony Horsemanship

  • Learn exercises on the ground and in the saddle for calm connection and creating a yes horse.
  • This is where the magic really starts to happen, and you start to see big positive changes between you and your horse.
  • Dive in and begin to understand yourself, your horse and the language that connects you.
  • There are 3 different options to help suit your budget and learning needs.

Harmony Horsemanship 101

  • Self-paced course that covers all 6 calm connection exercises and 8 ABC’s on the ground and in the saddle, plus some special extras. 
  • Lifetime access

Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe

  • Guided 12 week course.
  • Everything in HH 101, plus more building confidence, join up games and getting started with liberty (more in depth), refinement and building better posture exercises with your horse.
  • Includes personalized video feedback coaching.
  • Lifetime access.

Riding in Harmony: Comfortable Riding Made Simple

  • Master the 8 ABCs: Precision riding cues for enhanced control and connection.
  • Bodywork Bliss: Strengthen your core and improve balance – both on the horse and off the horse.
  • Rider Focused Exercises: improve the rhythm with your horse.
  • Over 40 Lessons: Access an organized treasure trove for a self-paced, transformative riding journey.
  • Bonus: Tack fitting tips

Virtual Workshops

  • These 1-2hrs virtual workshops reveal important horse training knowledge that is unique to Harmony Horsemanship.
  • Discover common myths that are holding you back, and training exercises that will put you ahead.
  • Recommended to do the workshops in order.


4 Reasons Your Horse Says No

  • Learn the 4 common reasons your horse says no, how to tell the difference, and how to help your horse say yes. 
  • Lifetime access.


4 Common Myths to Building Your Horse’s Confidence

  • Learn the 4 myths (including letting your horse look at the scary thing) that are making your horse spookier and what to do instead. 
  • Lifetime access.


3 Secrets to Liberty Horse Training

  • Open your world to a mind blowing approach that doesn’t use tools, a round pen, or chasing
  • Proven by hundreds of students.
  • Lifetime access.


3 Horse Training Secrets to Riding Bridleless

  • Learn the 4 cue systems to teach bridleless.
  • Skill your horse needs to know before going bridleless.
  • Exercise to teach your horse before trying bridleless.
  • Lifetime access.

Guided Courses: For an In-Depth Learning Experience that will Make a Difference.

  • Uncover techniques, exercises and tips in these step-by-step guided courses that will build a lasting relationship with your horse.
  • All of these courses are guided over 12 weeks with biweekly live question and answer videos with Lindsey to support you, personalized video feedback coaching, and a private Facebook group that you get lifetime access to for ongoing support.
  • Recommended to take them in order.


Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe

  • All 6 calm connection exercises and 8 ABC’s on the ground and in the saddle.
  • All 6 join up games and how to start liberty.
  • Refinement and developing your horse’s posture.
  • Lifetime access.


Building Your Horse’s Confidence

  • Learn different types of confidence exercises, including addressing herd bound issues, fears of scary objects, going through water, and more. 
  • The #1 proven confidence building program. 
  • Lifetime access.


Harmony at Liberty

  • Start a liberty partnership with no tools, no chasing, and no round pen!
  • Learn exercises and gain the knowledge to achieve liberty in open spaces in just 12 weeks.
  • A unique program proven by hundreds of students.
  • Upon completion, you can purchase access to the Advanced Liberty course.
  • Lifetime access.


Bridleless Riding

  • Taking off the bridle isn’t just a dream – it can be a reality.
  • Learn 3 different cue systems you can teach your horse, and foundation patterns.
  • Guide you each week with new exercises to achieve your dream goal.
  • Lifetime access.

Specialty Topics Courses

  • These are self paced courses with instant and unlimited access to videos that go more in-depth.

Trick Training

  • Learning tricks like lay down, sit, fetch, smile, kiss, and bow can be so much fun!
  • Lifetime access.

Horse Human Connection

  • Understanding yourself, and learning to master your own energy and emotions is key to working with horses.
  • Don’t let fear, worry, or stress hold you back from being with your horse.
  • Lifetime access.

Starting Horses from Scratch

  • Follow Peanut and Kalila as they get started with ground work and riding completely from scratch. Peanut is a dominant horse that tries to kick people, and Kalila is a timid horse that doesn’t want to be caught – watch as they both become amazing partners.
  • Lifetime access.

OTTB Liberty Restart

  • Follow “Wally”, an off the track Thoroughbred as he comes off the race track and begins re-training – with no halter, no rope, no round pen, no whip, not even a neck rope. Within 15 sessions Lindsey and Wally can ride anywhere.
  • Lifetime access.

Trailer Loading 101

  • 8 Exercises to build your horses trailering confidence
  • 5 loading demonstrations with problem horses
  • 3 loading demonstrations with easy horses
  • Trailer loading myth busters
  • Tips for tying in the trailer

Become a Member

Access exclusive perks and support Harmony Horsemanship promoting learning to understand yourself, your horse, and the language that connects you.

HH Membership

  • Annual Fee.
  • Access to Student Level Assessments, virtual horse shows, and instructor videos.

Connection Club

  • Monthly subscription.
  • Access to mustang training videos, monthly live Q&A video with Lindsey.
  • New videos each month, submit your topics/questions, and more.

Get Certified

  • We have three different options for getting certified with Harmony Horsemanship. We look forward to you joining team Harmony Horsemanship!


Student Levels

  • Earn your student levels in person or virtually – a great way to have a goal and keep progressing with your horse.
  • Earn your student level certificate and exclusive student level gift.
  • Only available to HH members.
  • Lifetime access.


Harmony Horse Handling

  • Learn the SAFE techniques (Simple, achievable, friendly, and effective) for equine care and handling skills, get tested (virtually or in person) to earn your certification as a Harmony Horse Handler – great for anyone who works with horses (grooms, farm assistants, vet assistants, volunteers, etc).
  • Lifetime access.


Harmony Horsemanship Instructor Certification

  • Join our team of certified instructors after passing a written, verbal, and practical exam.
  • Instructors get access to wholesale pricing on equipment, affiliate commissions, access to instructor meetups, listings on the website and more
  • Lifetime access.

"I’ve learned to work with horses by observing herd dynamics, watching many clinicians, and pulling individual things I liked from various trainers. I never felt like my methods fit a particular “style” until I found Harmony Horsemanship. It finally gave me a place where everything suddenly connected and made sense in a way I could explain to others. I’ve never seen such an easy no-gimmick way for truly connecting with your horse that anyone can do. Thank you Harmony Horsemanship!"

Sabrina Bateman
Monkton, VT

"HH, has opened my eyes to the rewards I receive from my horses when we use possitive reinforcement. I can remember Lindsay saying I was a cheap date before I started using the treat for them making an effort I wanted. I also love how it calms them when they get worried. And NO it doesn't make them pushy or bite when you do it correctly." ??????

Shirley Ouelette
Brownsville, VT

"When we picked Roper up this spring we knew he was a fearful loader but it still took two hours to get him on the trailer and he was soaked in sweat and shaking. We resolved to change his fear behavior and worked with Melissa using Harmony Horsemanship to change how we asked and take a deeper look at what he was doing. By the end of the summer I'm proud to announce that Roper not only takes seconds to load but is actually seeming to enjoy his trailer rides!"

Helena Kopczynski
Swanzey, NH

"After searching and trying different solutions for help with my very tense and reactive mare, I found Harmony Horsemanship. Finally a program that helped me help my horse to find calm. And that was only the beginning - once we found that calm connection together, we were successful and it was fun teaching/learning other skills together, and building confidence. Just one month after starting the Harmony Horsemanship program Annie and I were off camping - she was a super star - not one spook. Today we enjoy trail riding, obstacle challenges, camping - I am so glad I found Harmony Horsemanship."

Jan Jennings
Lakefield, Ontario

"I find the HH very helpful, even on a very low level, because I can improve my little Morgan's willingness to match my pace in leading, or respond to a light rein, or go with a simple bridle. It gives me a better relationship with my mare, thanks to brief lessons with Melissa. I'm hoping for a few more; Jasmine loves doing the obstacles and it improves my confidence a lot, even in old age."

Edie Chamberlin
Putney, Vt