About Us

What is Harmony Horsemanship™?

  • Founded by Lindsey Partridge in fall of 2015, Harmony Horsemanship™ combines years of studying with top professionals, reviewing science and evidence based training methods, as well as Lindsey’s decades of personal experience.
  • Tested upon thousands of horses & humans including wild mustangs, “problem horses”, & former race horses.
  • Developed with a desire to take away the notion that adding more pressure to get what you want is the best way to teach horses. No longer is the scared horse bullied, or the confused horse pressured.
  • Harmony Horsemanship™ uses fewer tools, passive leadership, and positive reinforcement.
  • We use the SAFE approach – simple, achievable, friendly, and effective techniques
  • We teach you to understand yourself, your horse, and the language that connects you.
  • We inspire you to do more with less.

Who is Harmony Horsemanship™ for?

  • Harmony Horsemanship™ is proven to work at home or in the competition ring.
  • Many Harmony Horsemanship™ students and professionals are earning international titles in disciplines varying from Show Jumping, Extreme Cowboy Racing, Thoroughbred Makeovers, Mustang Training Challenges, to Versatility Challenges and more.
  • Many of our students have no competition goals and instead are looking to create a partnership with their horse where they feel safe, confident, and enjoy each other.

Who is Lindsey Partridge?

  • Founder of Harmony Horsemanship
  • Multiple time champion and reserve champion at many international competitions including the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover, Equine Affaire Versatility Challenge, EXCA World Competition, and Mustang Training Challenges
  • International Clinician, performer, and freestyle judge
  • Certified Competition Equine Canada Coach for both English and Western
  • Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor
  • Horse Trainer for feature films including Unbridled and Autumn Stables
  • Registered Nurse with a Bachelor in Health Sciences degree
  • A mom with a growing family
  • Owner of the Partridge Horse Hill equestrian facility in Ontario, Canada.
  • Learn more about Lindsey at LindseyPartridge.com

Why use Harmony Horsemanship™

  • It’s the 8 to 80 program – you can be 8 years old or 80 years old and Harmony Horsemanship™ can work because it’s not based on intimidation, force, strength, or agility. It’s based on understanding, horse psychology, and communication.
  • Harmony Horsemanship™ is SAFE:
    • Simple – we break down all of the concepts, exercises, and information into well thought out bite size chunks. We’ve tested our programs with thousands of students and make changes based on your feedback.
    • Achievable – don’t take our word for it. We have hundreds of testimonials from students in our programs, people just like you that are having unimaginable success with their horse with the help of Harmony Horsemanship™
    • Friendly – we focus on helping the horse to love learning and become a “yes horse.” This makes the whole process of teaching new things to your horse so much easier, faster, safer, and enjoyable.
    • Effective – our program has been used with off the track Thoroughbreds (and produced several champion/reserve champions at the International RRP Thoroughbred Makeover), mustangs (and produced several champion/reserve champions at Mustang Training Challenges), with rescue, and second chances horses that other trainers have given up on.
  • Because we use the SAFE techniques, horses aren’t pushed to a place of feeling trapped and overwhelmed which makes being with them so much safer.
  • When we learn to understand ourselves, our horses, and the language that connects us we can have a trusting, respectful, confident, and enjoyable partnership to enjoy in any discipline.

3 Pieces Of Harmony Horsemanship™

  • Understand Yourself
    • Learn what your body language is saying, how your energy affects your horse, and so much more.
  • Understand Your Horse
    • Learn what your horse’s body language is saying, why they are saying “no”, and so much more
  • Understand the Language
    • Learn how to communicate with your horse using the 8 ABC’s, be their passive leader, motivate your horse to learn, and so much more.

The Harmony Horsemanship™ Training Continuum

  • Respect and Safety
    • Learn to be a passive leader – leadership without chasing, pushing and shoving
  • Calm Connection
    • Learn to help your horse feel relaxed and focused with you
  • Create a Yes Horse
    • Learn to motivate your horse to want to learn
  • Refinement
    • Learn to use the basics to try some fancy and fun things
  • Balanced Rider (for riding only)
    • Learn to ride in harmony and balance with your horse so you can better communicate with your horse

We call it Harmony Horsemanship™ because the horse and human become so connected that they are in harmony.

Now you can understand

  • yourself,
  • your horse, and
  • the language that connects you

Become a Harmony HorsemanshipTM Student

Do more with less, and find your harmony with horses today. Visit our Become a student page to discover all the ways you can learn with Harmony Horsemanship.

"I’ve learned to work with horses by observing herd dynamics, watching many clinicians, and pulling individual things I liked from various trainers. I never felt like my methods fit a particular “style” until I found Harmony Horsemanship. It finally gave me a place where everything suddenly connected and made sense in a way I could explain to others. I’ve never seen such an easy no-gimmick way for truly connecting with your horse that anyone can do. Thank you Harmony Horsemanship!"

Sabrina Bateman
Monkton, VT

"HH, has opened my eyes to the rewards I receive from my horses when we use possitive reinforcement. I can remember Lindsay saying I was a cheap date before I started using the treat for them making an effort I wanted. I also love how it calms them when they get worried. And NO it doesn't make them pushy or bite when you do it correctly." ??????

Shirley Ouelette
Brownsville, VT

"When we picked Roper up this spring we knew he was a fearful loader but it still took two hours to get him on the trailer and he was soaked in sweat and shaking. We resolved to change his fear behavior and worked with Melissa using Harmony Horsemanship to change how we asked and take a deeper look at what he was doing. By the end of the summer I'm proud to announce that Roper not only takes seconds to load but is actually seeming to enjoy his trailer rides!"

Helena Kopczynski
Swanzey, NH

"After searching and trying different solutions for help with my very tense and reactive mare, I found Harmony Horsemanship. Finally a program that helped me help my horse to find calm. And that was only the beginning - once we found that calm connection together, we were successful and it was fun teaching/learning other skills together, and building confidence. Just one month after starting the Harmony Horsemanship program Annie and I were off camping - she was a super star - not one spook. Today we enjoy trail riding, obstacle challenges, camping - I am so glad I found Harmony Horsemanship."

Jan Jennings
Lakefield, Ontario

"I find the HH very helpful, even on a very low level, because I can improve my little Morgan's willingness to match my pace in leading, or respond to a light rein, or go with a simple bridle. It gives me a better relationship with my mare, thanks to brief lessons with Melissa. I'm hoping for a few more; Jasmine loves doing the obstacles and it improves my confidence a lot, even in old age."

Edie Chamberlin
Putney, Vt