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Join the Growing Ranks of Harmony Horsemanship Instructors

The demand for Harmony Horsemanship™ Instructors is growing steadily, with requests for Certified Harmony Horsemanship™ Instructors coming from around the world. Become a Harmony Horsemanship™ Instructor and learn how to use Harmony Horsemanship™ techniques to help your students find a calm connection, and create a yes horse.

Two Options for Being Certified with Harmony Horsemanship

Harmony Horse Handler Certification

Great for horse owners, barn managers, barn staff, horse trainers, equine professionals (equine vet assistants, equine vets, equine massage therapists, etc)

Learn SAFE techniques for common equine procedures and lunging

Harmony Horsemanship Instructors

Great for anyone that wants to teach Harmony Horsemanship to students, teach workshops/clinics, or perform at demos/expos. There are 6 levels of instructors.

Learn calm connection exercises, creating a yes horse, building confidence, liberty, and more.

"I’ve learned to work with horses by observing herd dynamics, watching many clinicians, and pulling individual things I liked from various trainers. I never felt like my methods fit a particular “style” until I found Harmony Horsemanship. It finally gave me a place where everything suddenly connected and made sense in a way I could explain to others. I’ve never seen such an easy no-gimmick way for truly connecting with your horse that anyone can do. Thank you Harmony Horsemanship!"

Sabrina Bateman
Monkton, VT

"HH, has opened my eyes to the rewards I receive from my horses when we use possitive reinforcement. I can remember Lindsay saying I was a cheap date before I started using the treat for them making an effort I wanted. I also love how it calms them when they get worried. And NO it doesn't make them pushy or bite when you do it correctly." ??????

Shirley Ouelette
Brownsville, VT

"When we picked Roper up this spring we knew he was a fearful loader but it still took two hours to get him on the trailer and he was soaked in sweat and shaking. We resolved to change his fear behavior and worked with Melissa using Harmony Horsemanship to change how we asked and take a deeper look at what he was doing. By the end of the summer I'm proud to announce that Roper not only takes seconds to load but is actually seeming to enjoy his trailer rides!"

Helena Kopczynski
Swanzey, NH

"After searching and trying different solutions for help with my very tense and reactive mare, I found Harmony Horsemanship. Finally a program that helped me help my horse to find calm. And that was only the beginning - once we found that calm connection together, we were successful and it was fun teaching/learning other skills together, and building confidence. Just one month after starting the Harmony Horsemanship program Annie and I were off camping - she was a super star - not one spook. Today we enjoy trail riding, obstacle challenges, camping - I am so glad I found Harmony Horsemanship."

Jan Jennings
Lakefield, Ontario

"I find the HH very helpful, even on a very low level, because I can improve my little Morgan's willingness to match my pace in leading, or respond to a light rein, or go with a simple bridle. It gives me a better relationship with my mare, thanks to brief lessons with Melissa. I'm hoping for a few more; Jasmine loves doing the obstacles and it improves my confidence a lot, even in old age."

Edie Chamberlin
Putney, Vt