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Melissa Ellis

 Vermont, United States


About Melissa Ellis

Hi my Name is Melissa Ellis. I have been rehabbing problem horses and starting young horses for many years. I used bits and pieces of different training programs to get into the minds of the horses I worked with and always enjoyed what I did. I was successful but always wondered if there was an easier way.

I then saw a Facebook video of Lindsey Partridge riding her OTTB bareback and bridleless as a big giant blue tarp was literally pulled over her and her horse like a wave. When the tarp is pulled back she is off her horse, the horse is lying down and she is sitting next to her friend offering her horse a cookie. I thought, if this girl can literally wrap a OTTB up in a big giant plastic bag and have the horse stay happy and relaxed…I want to learn more!

I traveled to Canada with two horses and trained with Lindsey. It was an absolutely amazing experience! Best of all, I realized there really is an easier way!

I now am a Level 4 Harmony Horsemanship Instructor and Co-Own (with Lindsey Partridge) Harmony Horsemanship, Inc based out of my farm in Newfane, VT.

I believe in this method of training as it builds a solid and trusting partnership with your horse built on communication and passive leadership. By using Harmony Horsemanship training techniques, I have achieved goals, I once only dreamed of. I now have even performed the big blue tarp routine in front of hundreds of people riding my Morgan mare bridleless. It’s a simple process and does not require strength or force. We use building blocks to gain trust and understanding. It’s an amazing process, and the result is a relationship where your horse wants to complete the tasks you ask of him. He also trusts you that each new task (even if he has never seen it before) is going to be fun and safe.

A huge piece of this puzzle is the human’s confidence. I have also taken courses with an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist to help humans find strength and confidence even after accidents and trauma.

I look forward to sharing Harmony Horsemanship with you and your horses! There really is an easier way!