Harmony Horsemanship Student Levels

Why participate in the HH Student Levels?

  • Discover more ideas of things to try with your horse
  • Give a purpose and focus to your sessions with your horse
  • Provide you with a goal to work towards
  • An opportunity to receive feedback and progress your skills
  • Celebrate your success
  • Earn your HH Student Level certificate
  • Receive your exclusive HH Student Level Gift

How to Participate

  • Any student can work on the levels and checklists
  • Students who are Harmony Horsemanship Members can send in their evaluation to officially achieve their level and receive their certificate and student exclusive level gift. 
  • To get started, first become a HH Member – inside the members portal you’ll find all the information for completing your first HH Student Level.
  • You can also download the HH Student Levels information and task lists .