Dreamer Plushie supports our Second Chances Horse Project

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This adorable plushie of Dreamer is perfect for snuggling or holding your phone – plus every purchase has all proceeds go towards the care of unwanted horses.


Dreamer is our movie superstar – a very special horse that was given to Lindsey because he was being too dominant and aggressive.

He had already bounced amongst several homes where he didn’t fit in and even had a habit of bucking some previous owners off.

When he came to Lindsey and Partridge Horse Hill, we made a promise to look after him, retrain him, and find a purpose for him.

Fast forward a few years and he’s starred in 3 feature films (Unbridled 2018, Autumn Stables 2018, and The Farmer and the Belle 2019). He is the 2016 Extreme Cowboy Can Am Champion, 2017 & 2018 Youth Extreme Cowboy Champion, 2018 Non Pro Extreme Cowboy Champion, and 2018 Pro Extreme Cowboy  Reserve Champion.

This incredible gelding has warmed the hearts of many. Travelling to promote his films including Unbridled that is based on a real ranch where they pair abused girls with abused horses so they can both learn to trust again. During these travels he shows people how kind and willing horses can be.

We made Dreamer into an adorable plushie. The first shipment will arrive early December in time for Christmas. Snuggle with him or he can hold your phone while you watch a movie or YouTube.

When you order a Dreamer plushie, all the proceeds from the sale go towards the care of other second chance horses that we take in at Partridge Horse Hill. We take them in, give them health care and nutrition, and restart with Harmony Horsemanship.

We’ve helped a lot of horses over the last couple years and we want to continue doing our part to help horses in need of second chances. We can’t help them all, but we change the world for the ones we help – and your support purchasing a Dreamer plushie helps with their care, their feed, and bringing them into their new life.

Some past horses we’ve helped

(all of these horses were surrendered to Lindsey Partridge/Partridge Horse Hill for various reasons)

  1. – who has a permanent home at Partridge Horse Hill. .
  2. Laelynn – a very thin aged QH mare that we spent months fattening up and teaching her to trust humans.

    Laelynn Before and After photos

    We then gave her to Korey Dandy who works for Partridge Horse Hill and loves her to bits. .

  3. – a warmblood mare with a rearing issue that we did a lot of health diagnostic work to rule out anything physical that could be causing the rearing. Once we determined it was behavioural we did a lot of retraining with her. Then we gave her to Hannah Kelly after we had worked through a lot of the rearing and she was now easy to handle on the ground and well under way under saddle without rearing.
  4. – an aged Appaloosa paint mare with a front end lameness issue, we were actually paid $500 to take her. We did health care work up on her including corrective trimming, treating for thrush, and some retraining. For the past few years she has been a summer camp and beginner lesson horse favourite at Partridge Horse Hill and we gave her to one of her students that adores her.
  5. Gus – advertised as a kicker that needs a lip chain off the race track, Gus was given to us (note we retrain a lot of off the track Thoroughbreds, but only include the “challenging” ones that are given to us, or the ones that nobody else wants at auction on this list for second chances, as the others we take because we love the breed so much and wanted them). We were able to train him for the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover where Franny placed 5th in Trail with him at the makeover and fell in love with him so he’s been hers ever since. In 2018 they competed in Extreme Cowboy in Youth and finished 3rd overall (Dreamer was first with Franny).
  6. – an off the track Thoroughbred gelding that was unwanted at the auction. No one else bid on him so we placed the reserve bid and brought him home. Trained him for the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover and he placed 2nd in both Trail and Freestyle. He is now a lesson horse at Partridge Horse Hill. . (note we retrain a lot of off the track Thoroughbreds, but only include the “challenging” ones that are given to us, or the ones that nobody else wants at auction on this list for second chances, as the others we take because we love the breed so much and wanted them)
  7. – an aggressive and dominant gelding that was given to us or risked being put down. We went and picked him up without even seeing a picture first. We were surprised to see he looked like black beauty. We started his retraining and incorporated him into the lesson program. Through the lesson program he fell in love with Yvonne who is now is proud owner.
  8. – was given to us because she was so agressive and dominant she was literally chasing people out of the paddock. She was going to be put down since her owner’s didn’t want her going to auction or ending up in the wrong hands and hurting someone. I started her under saddle (Lindsey) and competed in Pro at Extreme Cowboy, by the end of the season she was consistently placing in the top 5 which is an incredible feat in Pro and she finished 7th overall for the year despite missing one show. She even competed in young guns with 11 yr old Adam and won 1st, and Emily in youth placing 5th. 

We have many more success stories, but this gives you a sample of some of the horses we have helped. We really appreciate you helping us help horses in need of second chances by purchasing a Dreamer plushie.


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