Fusion Halter


The benefits of a rope halter mixed with the benefits of a leather halter.

  • rope behind the ears and over the nose for clearer communication and training
  • side rings to easily attach reins or cross ties
  • a ring that slides under the chin for better lunging and leading that allows vertical flexion without twisting at the poll
  • leather cheek pieces for halter plates
  • safety breaking points of the metal rings so if your horse was clipped to a rope/reins it could detach and your horse could be okay

Made locally:

  • Rope is polyester making it mold, mildew, and stretch resistant made by Mike.
  • Halters are made by Level 3 HH instructor Esther Johnston.
  • Cheek pieces are made by Garth.



The best of the rope halter and leather halter combined to give you an effective, safer, and practical halter that you and your horse will love.

The rope around the ears and nose gives you clear communication and pressure points to be an effective training tool – the features you love from a rope halter.

The leather cheek pieces provide a safety breaking point for the halter, a place for a name plate, as well side rings for you to easily attach cross ties, trailer ties, or reins – the features you love of a leather halter.

The ring under the chin allows the horse to keep their head vertical during lunging exercises because it can slide from side to side – so it won’t twist the horse’s head.

The rope is made of polyester so it won’t stretch or mildew.

Quality made in Canada.

Comes in many different colours.

  • Mini “A” for 34 inch and under: 16 inch noseband – 12 inch throatlatch and a 18 “ tie
  • Mini “ B”: 18 inch noseband – 14 inch throatlatch and a 22” tie
  • Pony: 20 inch noseband – 16 inch throatlatch and a 26 “ tie


  • Noseband is 23 inches
  • Throat latch 16 inches
  • The tie is 31 inches


  • Noseband is 26 inches
  • Throat latch is 18 inches
  • The tie is 34 inches

Additional information

Weight 400 g

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