Long Lines



Long lines are approximately 22ft in length and are made from the same rope as our Fusion halters, so they come in the same colour choices as our halters. They are 1/4″ polyester rope that doesn’t stretch or mold. It is premium Canadian made rope that is soft to the touch compared to other lesser quality ropes that are rough on your hands and your horse.

Long line are the perfect tool when teaching long lining to your horse – which helps for teaching a horse to ride or drive from the ground and can be used to help with balance and posture work.

You can see long lines in action in this video with Lindsey and her mustang, Valiente, the first part of the video Valiente is being driven by long lines.

Usually when you buy long lines, you buy a pair of 2, however we have them priced as 1 rope on this website so that if you want to order different colours or a single one you can.

A 22ft long line rope can also be great for practicing ground work at further distances as it is very light and less bulk compared to the standard 22ft lunging rope. However the thicker rope is sturdier.

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Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Pink/Grey Blend, Purple, Red


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