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High quality rope reins made of 1/2″ polyester rope that won’t stretch, mold, or mildew. Made with convenient stainless steel scissor snaps.

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Rope reins shown in Blue.

These rope reins are made of 1/2″ polyester rope of the best quality that are stretch, mildew, and mold resistant.

The reins feature stainless steal snaps for easy attachment to your bridle/headstall.

The reins are 9ft long which are a good length for most purposes. You can also request a custom length.

The reins come in your choice of colours.

This is what adult rider Yvonne had to say about rope reins vs leather:

Today was the maiden voyage with the new to me bridle for Allure now that the nose band and chin strap are installed.
I was so excited to try out my leather reins that came with the bridle. I thought they would be more comfortable than the rope ones. They matched the bridle leather and would look great on Allure.

Colour choices: Red, Black, Grey/Pink Blend, Purple, Green, Beige, or Blue

We started out and my first opinion was these are nice they aren’t as thick but it didn’t take long until my opinion changed. As we were walking and trotting I felt like I had no control.
I could not feel Allure at the end of the reins.  It was a light and flimsy feeling.  It was as though I needed to pull the reins tighter in order to feel any contact. That would not be fun for Allure.  I’m sure if I could not feel him, he could not feel me either.When we were riding with loose reins it was like there was nothing there at all.  Actually quite a strange sensation.

I’m glad I was able to feel the difference myself as I never would have thought there could be such a contrast. The rope reins give a sense of connection between horse & rider. Interesting experiment and I’m glad I tried so now i know. Back to rope reins for me.

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