Scoring, Patterns, and Classes


  1. All tasks within a pattern are judged out of 5 points. The breakdown is as follows:
    • 0 = the task was missing from the pattern or done in the incorrect order
    • 1 = the task was completed unsafely 
    • 2 = the task was completed very poorly 
    • 3 = the task was completed correctly
    • 4 = the task was completed correctly and softly
    • 5 = the task was completed correctly, with precision, and softness
  2. You will not be penalized for someone calling out your pattern to you.
  3. Horsemanship Impression Score: You will receive a score out of 5 for your overall impression score which includes:
    • How you present yourself and your horse (your tack and attire for being safe, fitted, clean, and presentable)
    • Filming your pattern correctly (clearly visible, smoothly, horizontally (landscape view))
    • Setting up your pattern as outlined
  4. If you have a grievance for your score or an entry, email within 24hrs of scores being released. After such time all scores are final. 

About Patterns

  • There are 4 show patterns for each Harmony Horsemanship Student Level. Test 1, 2, 3, 4. The patterns are available on the Harmony Horsemanship website to view all year. 
  • You may have someone call the pattern to you as you perform. 
  • Film the pattern with the horse and human clearly visible the entire time, no editing, and be careful not to be too far away from the camera (or use zoom) so that your movements can stay visible to the camera. Follow the pattern to see where the camera should be set up. 
  • If you don’t have someone to film, consider getting a Pivo which is an easy to use device you put on a tripod, and put your phone on so that it tracks you and can rotate to follow you. You can get one from  we recommend getting the “silver” because it is faster. It works indoors and is simple to set up. If filming with a phone, please film the video in horizontal view, NOT vertical (so the video is wide not narrow). 
  • Set your pattern up with the appropriate cones (you can use pylons, cones, buckets, jump standards, barrels, or any type of safe and visible marker) and follow the measurements on the show pattern diagram. 
  • A submitted pattern must have been filmed within 3 months of the show date (i.e. you can’t film a pattern in January 2021 for the October show date, but you could film in August 2021 for the October show date). 


  • Compete as a pro or a student. 
    • Pro includes HH instructors or other equine professionals who train or coach horse activities as their profession. 
    • Students are anyone who participates non professionally with horses. 

View the Patterns (click here)