Harmony Horsemanship Virtual Horse Show Series

2021 Dates

Compete in All 4 Shows and get 1 show FREE, AND Earn your Harmony Horsemanship Student Level

    • If you earn 80% or higher on your 4 show tests during the year, and pass the multiple choice Horse Knowledge Level quiz you will earn your Harmony Horsemanship Student Level certificate and gift. 
    • For example, Harmony Horsemanship Student Level 1 has 16 tasks between groundwork and building confidence. These 16 tasks are split between the 4 shows (4 tasks for each show) to help make the patterns simpler and easier to achieve.
    • The riding tests are optional and judged separately. You can earn a Harmony Horsemanship Student Level in ground work only or both ground work and riding. 
    • If you enter and pay for all 4 shows at the start of the year, you get the 4th show free.


  • $20 per class for a single show, or enter all 4 shows at the start of the year and get the 4th show free ($15/class).  
  • $10 admin fee per entry per show (which helps cover shipping of prizes, website costs, etc).

How to Compete

  1. Become a Harmony Horsemanship Member please note that a Harmony Horsemanship Member is not the same thing as being in the Harmony Horsemanship Connection Club. 
  2. Review the Levels and Scoring to choose which you and your horse are best suited to and understand how you will be judged. 
  3. Review the patterns to choose the best level for you and horse and to start practicing. You can compete in the same level with different horses, or different levels with different horses. Each horse/handler combination needs a separate entry form. 
  4. Review the Rules so you understand what is expected and what is allowed.
  5. Complete your Entry Form. You can enter one show at a time, or you can enter the 4 shows at the start of the year for the best deal. 
  6. Practice and film your patterns. Film your pattern within 2 months of the show date. For example for the show that opens in April, you can film as early as February. If you don’t have someone to film, consider getting a Pivo which is an easy to use device you put on a tripod, and put your phone on so that it tracks you and can rotate to follow you. You can get a Pivo from https://getpivo.com/?ref=gm9jv_w_xqah  we recommend getting the “silver” because it is faster. It works indoors and is simple to set up. If filming with a phone, please film the video in horizontal view, NOT vertical (so the video is wide not narrow). A Pivo is the most affordable film tracker that we are aware of. 
  7. Upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or any video hosting website. Make sure the settings allow for judges to view it (it needs to be public). Copy the link (the address of your video – for example if you upload to YouTube, click “share” and then click “copy link”). 
  8. During the Competition Entry Date, follow the instructions in your receipt email to submit your video(s).
  9. Once the Show Date has closed, the videos will be judged, you will receive a scorecard with feedback, placings will be announced on social media and prizes will be mailed. 

Need Help?

  • Connect with a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor to help you with your student levels and movements. Questions about the shows? Email us at info@harmonyhorsemanship.com 


  • Ribbons for 1st to 6th place for each class. Pros and Students will be separated for ribbons and prizes provided there are a minimum of 3 Pros and 3 Students in the class.  
  • Overall Champion prizes as provided by sponsors. 
  • At the completion of all 4 shows, those that earned 80% or higher on each pattern within the same level will receive the Level Knowledge Quiz (a multiple choice quiz). The competitor has 1 week to complete the quiz and submit back via email to complete their Harmony Horsemanship Student Level and receive their student level certificate and prize. 
  • Student level prizes may include (and are subject to change): Level 1 – Treat pouch, Level 2 – reusable grocery tote, Level 3 – Travel mug, Level 4- Shoulder bag, and Level 5 – safety knife.