Welcome to Harmony Horsemanship Online

Do you want?

  • a calm and connected partnership with your horse
  • to know how to get your horse to say ‘yes’ to your requests
  • a horse that wants to be with you
  • a relationship where your horse is eager to try and learn new things with you
  • a technique that doesn’t rely on intimidation, force, sticks, whips, chasing, or brute strength… in fact we call it the 8-80 program because 8 year olds and 80 year olds can use Harmony Horsemanship equally well.

Harmony Horsemanship is learning to understand yourself, your horse and the language that connects you.

Emphasis on communication and leadership – not intimidation

We put the emphasis on learning about body language and energy rather than on tools. This means that our ground work starts with just a halter and rope. Our liberty work starts with nothing at all – no whip, no round pen, no stick.

Once you understand yourself, your horse, and the language that connects you, you can add in tools to help give you more refinement – tools are not used to force or intimidate, but instead to communicate more clearly – but you don’t need to use extra tools at all. You can do the entire “Become the Centre of your Horse’s Universe Course” using just a halter and lead rope, and do all of the liberty tasks using nothing – including haunch turns, back up, sideways, and down cues.

We use the Harmony Training Continnuum:

  • Respect and Safety (but we actually don’t spend much time focusing on this because usually issues stem from a horse not being calm and connected, or from a lack of )

  • Calm Connection (this is the real key to finding a partnership with horses and we have 6 core exercises for you to learn to help your horse find their ‘calm alert’ within the )
  • Create a Yes Horse (this is where we teach horses to be motivated and get into the habit of saying ‘yes’ by using )
  • Refinement (this is when you start to become more particular with the 3 S’s of straightness, softness, and speed – now it really helps to understand the )
  • Balanced Rider

Our Students Love Harmony Horsemanship

  • ? ? ? ? ? “You are an excellent teacher.  Your instruction is clear with a nice balance of classroom time, demonstration, and practice time.  You also have excellent people skills, handling all of the different personalities with kindness, patience, and humor.  To top it off, I really like your philosophy on being with and working with animals.” Bebe, New York
  • ? ? ? ? ? Lindsey is an excellent teacher and is so much fun. She explains everything in an easy manner that you understand! I learned so much about myself and my horse Trigger. Lindsey has given me the tools and the confidence to be able to bond with Trigger in an amazing way! Thank you Lindsey for all you have taught me. Trigger thanks you too!!Penny, Ontario
  • ? ? ? ? ? “Can I say how much I love your program! It works! I never knew I would be so comfortable bareback bridleless with nothing but my horse and I. With every session we just continue to open new doors and find new fun things to learn!  What freedom!” Melissa, Vermont
  • ? ? ? ? ? “I am a low-level eventer in the U.S. who has been working my 8 yr. old thoroughbred through your online course.  It’s hard to believe how far we have come in so short a time! Last August, I was offered this horse because the horse had hurt his rider’s confidence because he often threw her.  The rider had tried to put him in training with a few different trainers, but they had all refused to take him after learning that he sometimes reared. I agreed to try the horse and see if I could handle him.  Everything went relatively well until I started jumping him, then I learned where his problems lay. I fell off about twice every time I jumped him for the first few weeks, usually when he combined a spook, spin, buck, and rear into one perfectly executed movement.  As I learned more about him I realized that he simply had no incentive to try for any rider, so I decided to really work on our relationship. I started working with him using your course and it is almost unbelievable what a change has occurred. Two days ago I took him off property for our first outing of the year and I could really see how much he was trying for me. Today I jumped him bareback/bitless! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and making it accessible to everyone who wants to learn about your fantastic methods.” Abigail, North Carolina
  • ? ? ? ? ? “What I love and appreciate best about the kind of work Lindsey Partridge and her Harmony Horsemanship program provides – is that the connection or bond of trust that is established between horse and human – is not only good for that lone individual horse’s progression forward – but it is the kind of thoughtful life enriching activity that produces a sterling sense of good character and patience in the human being involved as well – that has potentially far more positive outreach for that individual person when interacting with others who are also just as every bit in need of a compassionate heart and soul as any of the animals they are working with. Long story short – Harmony Horsemanship – is good for people – because as well as experiencing the beauty of forging a bond of trust with the magnificent equine it helps to bring out the humanity within its participants as well.” Sherry, Ontario


Get Started

We have a few online options to help you get started. Choose what fits you best.

    • The 4 Reasons a Horse Says “No” and How to Deal with them
    • Passive Leadership: How to be a leader without picking a fight
    • Positive Reinforcement: using rewards effectively and without creating a cookie monster
    • The Harmony Energy Scale – know how to find the ‘calm alert’ learning state for you and your horse.
    • Learn some key tips to relationship building with your horse in a funny light read by Lindsey Partridge, founder of Harmony Horsemanship.
    • Get access to exclusive videos from a variety of HH Instructors
    • Come to the  for FREE! These are mini expo type events where HH Instructors give demonstrations on a variety of topics
    • Use the Harmony Horsemanship  to give you and your horse goals, know what tasks to try next, and optionally you can send in your video for assessment to receive your certificate and level treat pouch!
    • a monthly club with a new theme and videos, letter from Lindsey, and exclusive discounts. The content stays online for 3 months at a time so you keep getting something fresh when you login. It’s the perfect way to test the waters with Harmony Horsemanship, or find monthly inspiration and motivation. $25/mth or use the code Welcome at checkout to get $10 off and make it just $15/mth.


    • an online course that breaks down the topics of understanding yourself, your horse, and the language that connects you and gives you the calm connection exercises and how to begin creating a yes horse. $499 or use the coupon code Welcome at checkout to get $100 off and make it just $399.
  • a 5 week online course that walks you through each of the phases of the Harmony Training Continuum, breaks down the calm connection exercises and the ABCs into bite size pieces, and shows you how to start liberty using no tools. Even better is that you can take videos of yourself doing the exercises from the weekly checklist and send them in for feedback. Have a busy schedule? No problem, we’re flexible with the timeline for sending in your videos for feedback. This is also the course that all Harmony Horsemanship Instructors need to take before becoming certified. $1497 or use the coupone code Welcome at checkout to get $200 off to make it just $1297 (or for USA customers its $175 off the USD price).
    • Can’t wait to get started and want everything Harmony Horsemanship has to offer? This is the best deal and gives your access to 7 online courses, regular $3183, on sale for: $2150, that’s over $1000 in savings or use the coupon code Welcome at checkout to get $200 off to make it just $1950 (or for USA customers its $175 off the USD price).
    • It Includes:
      • Trick Training
      • OTTB Liberty Restart (takes an off the track Thoroughbred and retrains to ride using no tools)
      • Starting from Scratch with the Dominant Horse
      • Starting from Scratch with the Timid Horse
      • Harmony Horsemanship 101
      • Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe
      • Lessons in Harmony Horsemanship